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YES Yoko Ono opening at the Japan Society

A special Yoko Ono concert at the Japan Society on November 9th 2000 at 8 pm: Yoko Ono appeared for one night only to celebrate YES Yoko Ono. In this special concert Ono performed with guest artists with whom she has shared her musical career.

The Japan Society Lecture Series included an interview with Yoko Ono on October 25th 2000. Since then all YES Yoko Ono venues have included a lecture event by Yoko Ono.

Photos by luke kurtis and from the press: the YES opening in NYC and the YES skywriting in NYC "on 21 October 2000, around 4pm or so".

Images from the YES Yoko Ono exhibition

YES Yoko Ono photos by Giancarlo Norese


YES Yoko Ono venues

Japan Society, New York (see above for more)
October 18th 2000 - January 14th 2001

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
March 10th - June 17th 2001

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
July 14th - September 16th 2001

MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge
October 18th - January 6th 2002

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
February 23rd - May 20th 2002

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
June 22nd - September 8th 2002

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
October 25th 2002 - January 26th 2003

Rodin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
June 21st - September 14th 2003

Art Tower Mito, Mito City, Japan
October 25th 2003 - January 12th 2004

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
January 27th - March 28th 2004

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
April 17th - June 27th 2004

Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Kagoshima, Japan
July 17th - September 12th 2004

Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan
October 2nd - December 12th 2004


YES Yoko Ono reviewed

Exhibition related articles and reviews in the review section



yes yoko ono

yes yoko ono

yes yoko ono
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