Yoko Ono

walking on thin ice

Rykodisc about the compilation

"This album reveals Ono's many compelling musical sides. From the undeniable groove of the 1980 hit "Walking On Thin Ice," to the tender lilt of "Nobody Sees Me Like You Do," to the all-out rock and camp of "Midsummer New York," this disc shows an artist with the ability to cross many stylistic lines with ease and finesse. "Hell in Paradise" could set any dance floor jumping, while "Death Of Samantha" is a cool, almost jazz-inflected tune illustrating with brilliant dark humor the spiritual death of a young woman. And the title track may be her musical peak, a fierce rocker featuring ahead-of-its-time grunge guitar by John Lennon. Tackling a wide range of subjects with equal amounts of insight, wit, honesty, and, above all, a knack for melody and rhythm, Ono shines through as a musician of formidable vision."

"On Yoko Ono", excerpts from the liner notes

David Bowie: "Yoko's work is very dangerous. If one is not careful it could get one thinking and may cause one to form an opinion. A subversive notion if there ever was one."

Eric Clapton: "John and I played some feedback guitar while Yoko was singing. I think she was amazing. Her style of singing requires a technique, like anything else. If you try it, after ten minutes your voice will break. She is doing something unique - it has never been done before."

Cyndi Lauper: "When I left home at 17, I took 3 things with me in a paper bag: an art pad, a pair of socks, and Yoko Ono's book Grapefruit. I also took my dog Sparkle, but she wasn't in the bag. Sparkle died, but Grapefruit is still with me."


Yoko Ono 1991
Yoko Ono in 1991. Photo © Paul Harris

© Sari Gurney
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