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  biennale of sydney 2000
  From the Biennale press release

"A unique and intimate performance Yoko Ono's Lecture is a one night only show developed with site specific reference to Australia and the Sydney Opera House. A major international artist since the 1950s, Ono is a famed conceptual artist whose work is quietly confrontational and poignant. Ono's performances vary from event to event and the subject of the Lecture will not be divulged until the night. Previous performances have included such events as inviting audience members to come on stage and cut off pieces of her clothing. The live performance at the Sydney Opera House has sold out."

"Bad feng shui leaves Yoko starting over"

The Daily Telegraph (May 25th 2000): "The top drawcard of Sydney's Biennale strolled Circular Quay unnoticed yesterday, looking like any other first-time tourist. Cultural icon, Yoko Ono, took in the sights after overseeing the installation of her featured work in this year's international contemporary art festival. She even had NSW Art Gallery director Edmund Capon rolling up his sleeves and "mucking in" like a furniture removalist. When Ono saw the 100 coffins that make up her Ex It exhibition at the art gallery, she realised its feng shui was all wrong. So Capon, and others, moved the coffins to face away from the gallery's door. Ono is keeping to herself in Sydney but she has warmed to the city on her first Australian visit. The conceptual artist particularly loved the Sydney Opera House, the venue of her sold out "happening", or lecture, on Friday night. But as the 66-year-old posed in front of the Sydney landmark, she joked: "Don't take the picture too close to me. I'm not 18 any more!" Ono also had a private tour through the Museum of Contemporary Art, during which she fell in love with John Mawururndjul and Maningrida's Arnhem Land bark paintings. Further viewings of Aboriginal art will now be organised for her. Ono's lecture, on an unspecified subject, is rumoured to include spontaneous elements of visual art and theatrics. It will be webcast from 8.30pm on the Biennale website. John Lennon's muse will also project her short film featuring Lennon, Smile, on to the side of the AMP Building in Circular Quay from 6pm over the next two evenings. Ono is one of 48 artists featured in the twelfth Biennale Of Sydney."


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