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  spanish river exhibitions

From El Periodico (July 2000)

"On July 9th 2000 the touring exhibition by Yoko Ono will be opened in Museo Wolf Vostell Malpartida de Cáceres (founded by the German Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell) in Malpartida de Cáceres and it was re-titled as Yoko Ono Tajo. Tajo is the name of the river that runs very near Malpartida. Yoko Ono's work Cleaning Piece / River Bed (1996) will be made with the stones of the Tajo. "The river is the beginning of something " said the North American artist Yoko Ono in the exhibition statement she had faxed from New York to the sponsors of the exhibition. She wants to pay homage to the rivers because they are important with the role they have always had in the development of the communities. Yoko Ono came to Spain several months ago to the opening of this same exhibition in Zaragoza. She was one of the founder members of the Fluxus movement, and she remembers Wolf Vostell, who founded the Museum in which her exhibition takes place now, as a good friend: "I met him several times, and he was always very kind and nice to me. I remember him with a lot of affection. We shared the same artistic ideas". Yoko Ono already had a few of her works of art in the collection of Museo Vostell Malpartida, as a part of the collection given to the Museum by the Maecenas and the art collector Gino Di Maggio. Now she donated her piece Painting To Hammer A Nail / Cross Version which deals with the question of the artistic interpretation: "The meaning of the piece is about the fact that the wooden cross turned into a strong symbol. But in reality it is only a piece of wood. You are hammering a nail into a symbol or into a piece of wood, depending on your personal view."


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