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rising tour


Rising tour dates

9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.: February 29th 1996
Knitting Factory, New York: March 3rd 1996
Park West, Chicago: March 10th 1996
Roxy, Los Angeles: March 13th 1996
Great American Music Hall: San Francisco: March 19th 1996
The Crocodile, Seattle: March 21st 1996
Lee's Palace, Toronto: March 25th 1996
Paradise, Boston: May 10th 1996
Irving Plaza, New York: May 14th 1996
Milky Way, Amsterdam: May 25th 1996
Magazzini Generali, Milan: May 28th 1996
Bataclan, Paris: May 31st 1996
Metropole, Berlin: June 3rd 1996
Markthalle, Hamburg: June 5th 1996
Astoria 2, London: June 8th 1995
SummerStage, Central Park, New York: July 6th 1996
Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan: June 22nd 1996
Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan: June 25th 1996
Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan: June 28th 1996
Shin-Osaka Mielparque Hall, Osaka, Japan: July 1st 1996

Other related dates

Hiroshima Memorial concert, Itsukushima, Japan: October 7th 1995
Tibetan Freedom Concert, San Francisco: June 16th 1996



Rising Tour by Yoko Ono 1996

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