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About AOS

AOS: A rehearsal tape for show at Albert Hall with Ornette Coleman and his band in 1968.

Yoko Ono in her instructions to the Coleman's band:

"Do not be concerned about showing many things: simplicity and economy of notes, dynamics and rhythm.

Think of the days when you only had one heart and one penis to give - and one note.

Think of the days when you had to suffer in silence for 10 days of eternity before you could give, and yet you were afraid of giving because what you were giving was so true and so total, you knew that you would suffer a death after that.

Think of the days when you allowed silences in your life for dreaming and thinking of dreaming.

This is no shit. No "mood" or whatever you call it. It's real..."

The meaning of AOS

According to Kevin Concannon's dissertation about Yoko Ono's art (Unfinished Works And Aural Histories: Yoko Ono's Conceptual Art. Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2000), AOS "is a combination of the Japanese word, ao (meaning "blue"), and the English word "chaos", with a suggested meaning of "blue chaos"."

Plastic Ono Band

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band is now credited as being the grassroots of the punk revolution. Even back when it was first released in 1970, some critics declared her voice "the most interesting instrument since the Moog".



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