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  original yoko ono dvd
  "Original (Genten) - YOKO ONO" (English version): This new DVD of Yoko Ono will be released by art media K.Y. in Japan.

The publication of the DVD has been postponed. Please see a letter from the publisher below.

The content of the English version of the DVD

Yoko Ono: This is Not Here
(1971, 16mm Film, 18min.)

A valuable document of Yoko Ono's exhibition "This is not here" held at Everson Museum in NY, 1971. Yoko: "This is the beginning of a quiet revolution." John: "I believe that this show brought out a revolution in museum and art world.

Early Works Yoko Ono
A photograph album mainly consisting of the works exhibited at the "This is not here" exhibition, portraits of Yoko's early works, art pieces, and film/video.

An extra film (2006)
A controversial film with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Pop and Avant-Garde, that has never been released before, will be featured with the images of them.

The DVD package includes a brochure with a Yoko Ono interview by Takahiko Iimura from 1971, one of her most radical statements involved.

According to the manufacturer this DVD is region free.

From the publisher

About the release of DVD, YOKO ONO-Original, it has been delayed because of technical reasons, and sorry to say this but I must apologize that further delay is necessary despite all your support for the publication. So please do not order the DVD untll further notice. Please be patient, I am trying my best to publish the DVD. As my DVD line -up is expanding, please refer to other titles as well.

Thank you.
The publisher, am K.Y.
September, 2006

About Takahiko Iimura

Takahiko Iimura, video and film artist, is an old friend of Yoko's. Iimura wrote a book "Yoko Ono - The artist and the works" and his Yoko Ono interview (which is featured on this new DVD) is in this book. Yoko Ono has made a composition for Iimura's movie "Love" in 1964.

"I met Yoko Ono at her apartment in Shibuya one day in 1964. For my film she composed a piece of music entitled 'Love'. She took a strong interest in my film, which was nothing more than close-up scenes of "love-making". As a result of her interest, she took the movie back to New York City and showed it to Jonas Mekas whom I knew only by name. I can recall one unforgettable scene with Yoko. She grabbed the microphone and stuck it out the window of her room on the 7th floor of the apartment so that she could record the sound of the wind. She was recording the wind sound in a cool manner and it had nothing to do with what was in the movie. The sound included an occasional horn blast (from the street). I was completely surprised by her boldness. Moreover, when I watched the film with this monotone sound later, I was surprised to discover that those noises matched the film scenes very well in a strange but nice way. That was my first movie experience with Yoko. Though Yoko was responsible only for the sound, I was able to see her film sense in sound."

Takahiko Iimura "Yoko Ono's Movies" in YOKO ONO "FUMIE" (Sogetsu foundation) 1990, pp 45

Takahiko Iimura, "Geijutsu to Higeijutsu no Aida" (Between Art and Non-art, Sanichi Shobo, Tokyo) 1970, pp 184


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