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The Japan Times (October 2006)

"Imagine Peace Tower, as planned by the 73-year-old artist, will be 20 to 30 meters high with a radius of about a meter, and will have the lyrics of Lennon's song "Imagine" engraved on it once completed by his 67th birthday next year. The illuminated column, constructed over a base with a radius of about 10 meters, will be filled with messages of wishes and hopes from more than 900,000 people that have been collected so far.

A special mailbox for the monument will be set up in the city to continue accepting more letters to go into the monument."

Visit Reykjavik (October 9th 2006)

"Yoko Ono has sent out a message for this day: "It was no coincidence that we were born at this time. We were meant for a certain project, and that project is not finished. I know that John (Lennon) will be with us that day, 9th October, in Reykjavik, and I look forward to seeing you and celebrating with you on this exciting day. War is over, if you want it. I love you. Yoko Ono."

IcelandReview (October 9th 2006): "Today, Beatle legend John Lennon would have turned 66 years old. To celebrate her late husband’s birthday, Ono will bless the spot where she plans to erect a peace pole, a pillar of light filled with people’s hopes and wishes. On this day next year the obelisk will cast its light of peace for the first time from the island of Videy off the coast of Reykjavík. The pole will be 20 meters high and shine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The renowned artist and peace activist first got the idea for the peace pole 40 years ago. This is reported in all the main media.

In a press conference held yesterday, Yoko Ono said: “The timing could not be more appropriate. Right now, light is what the world so desperately needs. We all live in the darkness and confusion of a polluted world. This column of light in Iceland will not be extinguished.”

The Peace Tower is due to be lit from John Lennon's birthday October 9th 2007 to the anniversary of his death December 9th 2007

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Yoko Ono with the LennonOno Grant for Peace 2006 award winners


Yoko Ono in Iceland 2006
Yoko Ono in Iceland. © Reuters

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