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October 9th, 2006

Up to now, LennonOno Grant for Peace has been given biannually at the United Nations in New York City. But this year, I have decided to change the venue to Iceland, after discovering the very significant spiritual power of this country, and it's potential important influence to the rest of the world.

The power of Iceland lies in their respect for the sacredness of the earth we live on, to the point that their cars will make a detour in order not to step on the spirits which live in their land.

The rest of the so-called technologically advanced world are ignoring the sacredness of our land, stepping on, digging in and pouring more concrete to build many highrises, as if we wish to reach our fathers in the sky, while ignoring the nurturing of our mother earth. By that, we are about to topple the balance of the planet. An urgent restoration of the balance is needed.

Icelanders strong belief in the protection their land receives from the mystical beings in the land, which is shared by the very young as well, is allowing them to focus more on the importance of not disturbing the health of nature. It has kept the land nearly free from pollution, and their country free from the problems the rest of the world shares because of their dependency on oil as the major energy source.

Iceland's major energy source is water, not oil. This fact alone opens them up to a totally unique situation of power the other oil dependent countries do not enjoy.

As you are well aware, all of us are now living in darkness of fear and confusion in this polluted world, which we, oursleves created.

But we really don't have to live in such dreams of darkness. It is up to us to switch the channel and walk away from it. and, together, arrive into the future which is already in our hands.

Two important powers we possess will enable us to accomplish this: one is the power of healing and the other is the power of protective law which allows us to enjoy individual freedom and collective health.

The two recipients of this year's LennonOno Grant For Peace: Doctors without Borders: Médecins Sans Frontières and Center for Constitutional Rights, are working on the very thing we need: to restore the balance of this planet we live and cherish.

I would like us all to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of these two groups of hard working people whose heads and hearts set a shining example to us all. With their work, they are sending the world a strong signal that we can do it, and that we will.




Yoko Ono in Iceland 2006
Yoko Ono in Iceland. © Reuters

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