Yoko Ono

Affirmation for Iceland for the dedication of Imagine Peace Tower


October 9th, 2006
yoko ono

Thank you, thank you, thank you
For a beautiful day.

This land is healthy and whole.
Every part of the land is rapidly rejuvenating and revitalized.

The land has power, wisdom, and wealth in abundance
which will eventually be shared by the whole planet.

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, which stands on this land,
with it's eternal flame of light,
will emanate enlightenment and love to all corners of the world
and awake and inspire our planet in such a way that
there is no turning back and help us create the most satisfying
world for us and our offsprings.

So be it.




Yoko Ono in Iceland 2006
Yoko Ono in Iceland. © Reuters

© Sari Gurney
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