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flexi-discs and acetates


the beatles christmas flexi-disc
Every christmas, the Beatles surprised their fan clubs with greetings from all four on a flexi-disc. In 1968, they each issued their own separately for the first time. John and Yoko recorded two texts in the style of his books Jock And Yono and Once Upon A Pool Table.

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the beatles christmas flexi-disc
This disc included vocals by Yoko Ono.

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wedding jingle acetate
This is an original one of a kind acetate of an unreleased radio jingle for the Wedding Album, manufactured by Bell Sound Studios, Inc. of New York, titled "John/Yoko - Promo w/Intro".



aspen 7 flexi-disc
The rare Aspen flexi-disc came out inserted in the British avant-garde magazine, Aspen. It is actually a box full of inserts, one being the John / Yoko flexi-disc, another being John's 1969 "diary". The John/Yoko flexi includes these demo songs by Yoko Ono: Song For John, Let's Go On Flying, Snow Is Falling All The Time (the early version of Listen The Snow Is Falling), Mum's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow (the early version of Don't Worry Kyoko). It also includes No Bed For Beatle John, and Radio Play by John Lennon.

Aspen no. 7, item 9, lyrics and audio are available at the UbuWeb website



Aspen 7

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