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From an article by Robert Palmer in NY Times (Sept 2th 1984)

"I never had a clue what my songs would sound like recorded by other people,'' Miss Ono said recently. ''John used to keep telling me, 'If someone would cover your songs, people would start to understand that you're a good songwriter.' But I was always stubborn about wanting to sing them my own way. I told him that if somebody covered one of my songs, people would just think it was really one of his.''

(--) ''John told me in 1977 that he wanted to make an album like this as a present for Yoko's 50th birthday,'' said Sam Havadtoy, a close friend and business administrator for Miss Ono, who put the album together."

(--) The album does make a strong case for Miss Ono's talents as a pop songwriter, for whether her songs are heard in rock, country, soul or new- wave settings, they retain a distinctive flavor. Even Mr. Lennon's performance of ''Every Man Has a Woman'' is audibly an Ono song. The instrumental riffs on which many of the songs are built translate equally well as guitar, horn or synthesizer parts.

The album's final selection is a partly sung, partly spoken version of ''It's Alright'' by Sean Ono Lennon. ''Sean always goes to the studio with me,'' Miss Ono said, ''and one day a newspaper ran a picture of us that said he was making his recording debut. It wasn't true, but when he heard about it, he wanted to record something. He said, 'Mom, I can't disappoint my fans.' ''

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Every Man Has a Woman is a tribute album to Yoko Ono for her 50th birthday containing covers of her songs. The album was originally one of John Lennon's projects, but unfortunately he couldn't see its completion.



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