Yoko Ono

blueprint for a sunrise


Yoko Ono in the liner notes

"Every day I tell myself,
I'll survive.
Yeah, I will.

"Art is a way of survival.
With this album
I present to you my metronome,
my menu,
my blueprint for a sunrise".

Blueprint For A Sunrise in the press

VH1: "I know women who are intelligent, powerful members of their communities who still live in fear because of the position they are put in as women in our society," Ono, 68, said in a statement. "To some extent, all of us women are living in fear, quietly exercising a caution known only to us, all the time pretending to be sprightly and strong."

The 11-track album includes a mixture of live and studio performances in addition to three tracks Ono recorded for an art exhibit touring the world (YES Yoko Ono, concert in Japan Society)."

David Fricke / Rolling Stone: "Her vocal extremism is not as shocking as it was in 1968; in a new age of fear, Ono's keening wail and choked-breath seizures now seem prescient, the sound of life during wartime from someone who, as a child in Japan in the 1940s, knew the real thing.

Blueprint for a Sunrise is Ono's way of saying we never learn from our mistakes - and that we should never stop trying."

Entertainment Wire: "Over the years, this once vilified artist has been embraced by a new generation of admirers and supporters, and has continued to carve her idiosyncratic path through our culture, influencing many, including a new generation of musicians, many of whom have gone on record, proclaiming her inspiration.

Refusing to be constrained by society's expectations, both in her groundbreaking art and music, Ono continues to push the boundaries with this new record, creating an incredibly rich and powerful soundscape."

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