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Going to San Francisco from Tokyo to visit my father.

yoko ono: die biografie
by Nicola Bardola
Langen – Mueller Verlag (2016)

310 pages, in German. Hardcover & digital edition.

yoko ono: collector of skies
by Nell Beram and Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky
Amulet Books (January 1st 2013)

176 pages. Publisher: ”This lyrical biography explores the life and art of Yoko Ono, from her childhood haiku to her avant-garde visual art and experimental music. An outcast throughout most of her life, and misunderstood by every group she was supposed to belong to, Yoko always followed her own unique vision to create art that was ahead of its time and would later be celebrated. Her focus remained on being an artist, even when the rest of world saw her only as the wife of John Lennon. Yoko Ono’s moving story will inspire any young adult who has ever felt like an outsider, or who is developing or questioning ideas about being an artist, to follow their dreams and find beauty in all that surrounds them.”

reaching out with no hands: reconsidering yoko ono
by Lisa Carver
Backbeat Books (October 23rd 2012)

136 pages. Publisher: ”Many people are aware of her art, and her music has always split crowds, from her caterwauling earliest work to her later dance numbers, but how many people have looked at Yoko Ono’s decades-spanning career and varied work in total and asked the simple question, ”Is it any good?”From her earliest work with the Fluxus group and especially her relationship with John Cage, through her enigmatic pop happenings (where she met John Lennon), her experimental films, cryptic books, conceptual art, and her long recording career that has vacillated between avant-garde noise and proto-new wave, earning the admiration of other artists while generally confusing the public at large who often sees her only in the role of the widow Lennon.”

yoko ono – funderingar som jag gärna delar me dig
by Yoko Ono
Bakhåll, 2011

80 pages hardcover, in Swedish. The title translated to English: ”Yoko Ono – Thoughts I want to share with you”. A Swedish translation of Ima Anatani Shittemoraitaikoto (What I would like you to know now).

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ima anatani shittemoraitaikoto (what I would like you to know now)
by Yoko Ono
Gentosha, 2009

118 pages, in Japanese. Information and English translation by Mikihiko Hori: ”The first new book by Yoko Ono in 23 years! Through marriages, childbirth, divorces or by getting through the separation after the death of John Lennon and racial discrimination, Yoko Ono has always been persistent by ”being who she is and living the way she wants”. Twenty-five hints are written in this book which is dedicated to women who feel the difficulty of life and want to live to be themselves.”

Table of Contents (information and translation by Mikihiko Hori)
The standpoint of the weak
The relationship of Yin and Yan
Bless you
Use energy positively
Do not fear change
Have pride, not a superiority complex
To see in the first place
To forgive leads to love
Do one thing everyday to make your heart dance
The joy of growing old
To have a dream
The wall is the chance to discipline yourself
To vacillate is luxurious
Only one wish
The memory of having created the Universe
The world is connected
Art is to give energy
Without getting indulged in sadness…
Fight against discrimination
If you earned something, it is for real
To accept yourself and others
See through the truth
Man and woman
Keep living

the conversation series: 17
by Yoko Ono and Hans Ulrich Obrist
Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 2009

A paperback publication with 96 pages, in English. Hans Ulrich Obrist has interviewed Yoko Ono about her work as an artist, for instance in 2002. Publisher: ”In this volume, Hans Ulrich Obrist elicits from New York art veteran Yoko Ono a portrait of her life and career that is unprecedented in detail. Across five interview sessions, Obrist quizzes Ono about her earliest works in visual art and music in Japan, her musical development in New York, her friendship with John Cage, her Fluxus days, the founding of the new state of Nutopia with John Lennon and her ongoing campaigns for world peace and human rights. Ono also recounts here the genesis of her installations and performances, so many of which have since become classics of their genre. Throughout these discussions with Obrist, in which architects and artists such as Rem Koolhaas and Gustav Metzger also participate, this icon of twentieth-century culture shows herself to be a generous and smart personality, and a multifaceted artist of enormous influence.”

yoko ono – a portrait of an avant-garde artist
By Biographiq, 2008


yoko ono – modern artists series
By Adrian George
Tate Publishing, September 2008

Paperback, 128 pages. Cancelled?

yoko ono talking
By Nick Johnstone
Omnibus Press, 2006

German print of this publication in 2008:
Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf

”A collection of quotes from Yoko Ono about her extraordinary life.”

Publisher: ”She is the world’s most famous widow, the often maligned, largely mysterious Japanese avant-garde artist whose relationship with John Lennon turned them into a single entity: JohnandYoko. It took the death of John for the world to finally warm to her, yet she remains controversial and confrontational, an icon of unpredictability, and the most misunderstood figure in the ongoing saga of the greatest pop group the world has ever known.”

yoko on her own
By Barbara Victor
St. Martin’s Press, 2005

288 pages, hard-cover edition. Cancelled?

imagine yoko
All artworks and texts by Yoko Ono
Bakhåll, 2005

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woman: the incredible life of yoko ono
By Alan Clayson, Robb Johnson and Barb Jungr
Chrome Dreams, 2004

Paperback, 320 pages. Black&white photographs of Yoko Ono, some of them quite rare. From the book description: ”This riveting exposé of Yoko Ono covers her early life growing up as the eldest daughter of a wealthy Japanese family and her personal experience as a result of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of the World War II. Detailed are her move to New York for schooling during the 1950s, her first marriage to a composer, and her early days as an experimental artist in London during the early 1960s. New light is shed on her initial meeting with John Lennon and their 13-year relationship, and the rebuilding of her life after his tragic murder. Her life as artist, musician, businesswoman, and mother are explored from her youth to the present.”

yoko ono – leben auf dünnem eis
By Klaus Hübner
Verlagshaus Goethestraße GmbH & Co. K.G
München, Germany, 1999

The book is in German. The title in English: ”Yoko Ono: Living on thin ice”. Illustrated with several photographs, and it is divided to 3 chapters: Chapter 1: 1933 -1966, Chapter 2: 1966 – 1980, Chapter 3: 1988 – Present. Yoko Ono’s artwork is also featured in texts.

yoko ono – in her own write
Ihr Musikalisches Schaffen Und Der Einfluss Von John Lennon
By Katrin Berndt
Cantus 139
Tectum Verlag, Germany, 1999

A paperback, 136 pages, no illustrations. It spans Yoko Ono ’s musical career from the 50s to the album Rising, with for instance quotes from Yoko Ono herself and a few selected lyrics to her songs. In German.

yoko ono: essays and conversation
Nieswand-Verlag, 1993

No further information about this title, although for instance Barnes & Noble has had it listed in their catalogue.

yoko ono. a biography
By Jerry Hopkins
Sidgewick & Jackson, 1987

An unauthorized biography.

just me! (tada no atashi)
By Yoko Ono
Editor: Takahiko Iimura
Kodan-sha, 1986

The second updated edition in 1990, and the third updated edition in 1997. Just Me! is a Japanese autobiography by Yoko Ono. It contains essays by Yoko Ono published in different magazines in the 1970s and the 1980s.

yoko ono – the works and the artist
By Takahiko Iimura

The latest edition was released in 2002. In Japanese.