bibliography: john lennon

Photo from 'JOHN & YOKO: A New York Love Story'

john lennon: in his life
by John Blaney and Valeria Manferto De Fabianis
with Yoko Ono Lennon’s foreword
White Star, 2010

A hardcover publication with 272 pages, in English. The publisher: ”This photographic biography of the Fab Four’s enigmatic leader is dedicated to his artistic career, which began in Liverpool in 1962, and also to his life, which was marked by restless exploration—into art and music, consciousness and spirituality, politics and protest, love and peace. Featuring family photos and reproductions of documents that bear witness to momentous events and the origins of his ”Imaginative” songs, this compilation, like no other, sheds light on his relationships with Paul, George, and Ringo; his attitudes toward mind-expanding drugs, social revolution, and the Vietnam War; the cataclysmic breakup of the Beatles; and the tenderness of his love for Yoko Ono and their only child together Sean.”

john lennon: in their own write – a loving tribute from his friends and fans
by Judith Furedi (editor)
Lucky & Me Productions, 2009

Paperback, 172 pages. Steve Marinucci, Beatles Examiner: ”It’s likely ’john lennon: in their own write/a loving tribute from his friends and fans” might have a fan in the former Beatle himself. Rather than statically recount Lennon’s life, the just published book by author Judith Furedi lets people, including some of those close to him, tell the story through anecdotes and quotes. The book includes contributions from Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Julian Lennon and Shea Stadium promoter Sid Bernstein, who wrote the introduction.”

john lennon: the life
By Philip Norman
Ecco, 2008

Hardcover, 864 pages, black and white photographs. The publisher: ”This masterly biography takes a fresh and penetrating look at every aspect of Lennon’s much-chronicled life, including the songs that have turned him, posthumously, into a near-secular saint. In three years of research, Norman has turned up an extraordinary amount of new information about even the best-known episodes of Lennon folklore—his upbringing by his strict Aunt Mimi; his allegedly wasted school and student days; the evolution of his peerless creative partnership with Paul McCartney; his Beatle-busting love affair with a Japanese performance artist; his forays into painting and literature; his experiments with Transcendental Meditation, primal scream therapy, and drugs. The book’s numerous key informants and interviewees include Sir Paul McCartney, Sir George Martin, Sean Lennon—whose moving reminiscence reveals his father as never before—and Yoko Ono, who speaks with sometimes shocking candor about the inner workings of her marriage to John. Honest and unflinching, as John himself would wish, Norman gives us the whole man in all his endless contradictions—tough and cynical, hilariously funny but also naive, vulnerable and insecure—and reveals how the mother who gave him away as a toddler haunted his mind and his music for the rest of his days.” A great book really worth a read for any Lennon fan.

john & yoko: a new york love story
By Allan Tannenbaum
Insight Editions, 2007

Hardcover, 160 pages. Foreword by Yoko Ono. Publisher: In November 1980 photographer Allan Tannenbaum had unique and total access to John and Yoko, who were emerging from five years of seclusion and avoiding the media. As one of the few photographers with whom John and Yoko were close, Tannenbaum was privileged to be able to capture many intimate moments between the two. The resulting photographs, many of which have never before been available to the public, portray a couple deeply in love–playful, spiritual, and remarkably at home in front of the camera while expressing their feelings to each other. John cherished these images of Yoko and was moved by their beauty and grace.”

give peace a chance: john lennon and yoko ono
Bakhåll, 2007

Bakhåll: ”This book, edited under Yoko’s supervision in 2007, is an anthology of photos, documents and quotations culled from the couple’s many inspiring peace campaigns, spanning from the late 1960s to Yoko’s peace work in Lennon’s memory in recent years. 176 pages, 146 X 146 mm, hard cover, sewn, printed on high quality paper, illustrated with drawings by John and photos. Included with the book is a Bonus DVD containing documentary footage from “Bed-In” (1969) and Yoko’s film “Onochord” (2004). Playing time of the DVD is 17 minutes. The DVD is in the PAL system.” Two different covers published. Order this book online from the publisher

memories of john lennon
By Yoko Ono
HarperEntertainment, 2005

256 pages. Memories Of John is a new book that pays tribute to the work and life of John Lennon. Publisher: ”Edited by Yoko Ono, Memories Of John includes contributions from Elton John, Joan Baez, Iggy Pop, James Brown, Ronnie Wood, Nils Lofgren, Mary Wilson, and Dennis Hopper. Ono asked the contributers to submit words or artwork that illustrate how Lennon’s music influenced or inspired them.” A beautiful book.

give peace a chance: john lennon and yoko ono’s bed-in for peace
By Gerry Deiter, 2005

A book with beautiful photos of the couple during the Montreal Bed-In in 1969. Most of the photos were never published before. Limited edition. $18.00 CDN including shipping and handling. To place an order contact:

john lennon unfinished music
La Cite de la musique
Broché, 2005

The exhibition catalogue for the John Lennon exhibition in Paris (October 20th 2005 – June 25th 2006). 240 pages with many images in colour / black&white. Probably in French only.

john lennon: the new york years
By Bob Gruen
Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2005

176 pages. Publisher: ”Bob Gruen first photographed Lennon in 1971 and became his personal photographer and close friend shortly thereafter. Over the course of the next nine years, right up until Lennon was killed, Gruen would photograph him extensively. This book assembles the most revealing of those images, taken during Lennon’s years in New York, together with Gruen’s reflections on the circumstances surrounding the photos, including John’s relationship with Yoko, how he dealt with fame, and his experiences with fatherhood. The result is a remarkable behind-the-scenes look at John Lennon as a performer, a legend, and a person.” A beautiful book with legendary photos of Lennon.

By Cynthia Lennon
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2005

352 pages. Publisher: ”As with all iconic figures, the mythology is often better known than the real story. Her affection undimmed, Cynthia is candid about the cruel, as well as the loving, side of John. She tells of the end of their marriage and the beginning of his relationship with Yoko Ono in more detail than ever before, and reveals the many difficulties estrangement from John – and then his death – brought for herself and their son Julian.”

john lennon: listen to this book
By John Blaney, 2005

350 pages. Publisher: ”Listen To This Book sets out to trace John Lennon’s solo recordings and shed some new light on them. Primarily a discography, it also reveals the influences and stories behind his songs. Entries are arranged chronologically. The book begins with Lennon’s debut solo album, Two Virgins, and ends with his latest, John Lennon Acoustic. Information about each record is broken down into discrete parts.”

en casa de john lennon
Rosaura López Lorenzo
Hércules de Ediciones, 2005

159 pages, 54 of them interesting (mostly colour) photograph pages related to the Lennon family, John, Yoko and Sean. In Spanish.

lennon legend
By James Henke
Chronicle Books, 2003

64 pages. Publisher: ”Presented in a handsome slipcase, Lennon Legend is both an illustrated and an interactive biography of the creative genius – songwriter, artist, social activist – who changed his times. Created with the cooperation of Yoko Ono Lennon, who has opened her archives for this project, the book offers insightful details about every era of John’s life, from his early days at art school to the height of Beatlemania to ”Imagine.” A live recording of that song is included, along with several interviews of John talking about his life and art, on the audio CD contained in this package.”

john lennon: la ballade inachevée
By Pierre Merle
L’Archipel, 2000

Pierre Merle chronicles the classic John&Yoko story starting in the Swinging London in the late 60s and ending to the tragic event of 1980, and tries to find out who are the real persons in the famous rock’n’roll couple, the real Yoko Ono and John Lennon. 281 pages with black and white illustrations. In French.

all we are saying – the last major interview with john lennon and yoko ono
By David Sheff and G. Barry Golson
Griffin Trade, 2000

A very interesting interview book with 192 pages. The publisher: ”Twenty years ago David Sheff climbed the back steps of the Dakota into personal thoughts and dreams of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Moving from their kitchen to the studio, Sheff recorded twenty hours of tape, discussing everything from their childhoods to the Beatles.

imagine strawberry fields
Un Hommage À John Lennon
By Anne Filali
Les Éditions Du Cerf, 2000

Anne Filali has created an amazing publication by collecting visual and written artwork by artists from all over the world as a tribute to John Lennon. With Yoko Ono’s warm support and for Spirit Foundation’s benefit, this publication aims to provoke thoughts of uniting the world in the true spirit of John Lennon’s song Imagine and bringing peace for all people. There are also photos from the Strawberry Fields memorial park in New York City, John Lennon’s lithographs and Yoko Ono’s artistic contribution to the project, a glass sculpture titled A Key To Open A Faded Memory (1993), featured in the book. 191 pages. In French.

gimme some truth: the john lennon FBI files
by Jon Wiener
University of California Press, 1999

More about this book at Jon Wiener’s website

real love: the drawings for sean
By John Lennon and Al Naclerio
Random House, 1999

The publisher: ”John made the drawings in this book with and for Sean. Drawing pictures and making up funny captions was one of the ways they played together. It was how John taught Sean about the simple joys of creativity. It was one of the many ways John was able to express his real love for – and great joy in – his son.”

trys draugai: jurgis maciunas, yoko ono and john lennon
By Jonas Mekas
Baltos Lankos, Lithuania, 1998

The English title of this book is ”Three Friends: George Maciunas, Yoko Ono and John Lennon”. 270 pages, soft-cover. Also published in Japan in the late 1980s; other possible publications unknown. This book in question, Trys Draugai, is only in Lithuanian. It contains a over 60-page conversation transcript between Yoko, Jonas Mekas and John Lennon from 1970 (in New York); a couple of interesting photos of Yoko with the boys; a couple of film stills from Yoko’s films; a couple of programmes for Yoko’s events; a few film scores by Yoko, a couple of film essays by Yoko (for instance On Film No.4); many letters and postcards sent between Yoko, John Lennon, Jonas Mekas and George Maciunas; an essay of Yoko Ono by Richard Foreman from 1969; and the rest of the book is about George Maciunas.

Also a later edition in French:

flux friends: george maciunas, yoko ono, john lennon
By Centre Georges Pompidou Service Commercial, 2002

See also:

sometime in new york city
By John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Bob Gruen
Genesis Publications 1995

”This book is a celebration of the life of John Lennon and was authorised by his estate. The edition was limited to 3500 numbered copies, the first 2500 of which were signed by Yoko Ono and Bob Gruen. Large-format book comprising 236 pages master-printed in fine screen full colour and silver underprintings. ”Sometime In New York City is a detailed personal portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, featuring mostly full colour and previously unpublished photographs. The book spans Bob Gruen’s friendship with John and Yoko from 1971 through to John’s death in 1980. He has remained friends with Yoko and frequently works with her.” (The excerpt from the Genesis Publications site)

the art of john lennon
Drawings Performances Films
By Wulf Herzogenrath and Dorothee Hansen
Thames and Hudson, 1995

Also published by Catz Verlag in 1995

This magnificent book about John Lennon’s art is really worth getting! It was originally created for the exhibition (of the same title) of Lennon’s art in Germany. The brilliant book contains for instance his drawings throughout his career as a visual artist; Yoko Ono’s preface; an essay by Wulf Herzogenrath about Lennon’s art; a story of Lennon by Astrid Kirchherr; another story of him by Jann Wenner; lots of information about the performances, films and writings by John Lennon (and Yoko Ono). A paperback book with 228 pages.

a journey through john lennon’s life in words and pictures
By John Robertson
Omnibus Press, 1995

ai: japan through john lennon’s eyes
A Personal Sketchbook
By John Lennon
Bedford Press, 1991

Sketches by John Lennon created in Japan.

the art & music of john lennon
By John Robertson
Carol Publishing Group, 1991

let’s have a dream
By John Lennon
Palazzo Delle, 1990

Italian 85-page softback exhibition related book features lithographs by John Lennon and a CD with several rare pieces by John&Yoko dating from 1968 to 1971: ”Jock and Yono…” a reading by John, 1968; ”I sat belonely…” a reading by John, 1964, from book ”In His Own Write”; ”Radio Peace…” John & Yoko, 1969; ”Stay in bed / John….Yoko…” Yoko, 1969, with John; ”Wedding Album message…” John & Yoko, album promo, 1969 and ”Grapefruit…” Yoko with John in 1971, reading from her book.

come together: john lennon in his time
By Jon Wiener
University of Illinois Press, 1990

More about this book at Jon Wiener’s website

the john lennon family album
By Nishi F. Saimaru
Chronicle Books, 1990

128 pages. It features photos taken by Nishi F. Saimaru in 1977 (in the house of George Maciunas, in the circus in NY, in Hong Kong, in Tokyo with the Ono family in Karuizawa, in Central Park), in 1978 (in Miami, in Japan, in Central Park’s Tavern On The Green and at the Dakota) and during the summer of 1979 in Karuizawa, Japan. It also contains the essay A Love Letter From John And Yoko To People Who Ask Us What, When And Why? by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and an afterword by Nishi F. Saimaru.

imagine: john lennon
By Andrew Solt and Yoko Ono
MacMillan, 1988

253 pages, illustrated. From the publisher description: ”Imagine: John Lennon, authorized by Yoko Ono and drawn extensively from material in the late Beatle’s personal archives, is more than a tribute to his timeless legacy. Rare film footage, photographs, and the words of family and friends — plus a wealth of Lennon’s own quintessential wit and candor — paint a uniquely intimate portrait of the man behind the legend. Here is the poignant story of the tough Liverpool kid who conquered the world with his music, from childhood through dank Hamburg and Liverpool clubs to Beatlemania, from global fame and wealth to a never-ending search for fulfillment as an artist and a man. — Originally published as the companion to a film biography of Lennon, the book is a handsome tribute to his life and art, and will make an elegant gift for Beatles fans and all admirers of John Lennon’s music and imagination.”

skywriting by word of mouth
And Other Writings, Including the Ballad of John & Yoko
By John Lennon
Harper & Row, 1986

More writings and drawings created by John Lennon during the 1970s, published posthumously. Publishers Weekly: ”Marvelous, delightful reading and for John Lennon fans a must.”

See also Bakhall’s publication of this book

listen to these pictures
By Bob Gruen
William Morrow & Company, 1985

Beautiful classic John&Yoko photographs by Bob Gruen from the 1970s.

lennon: the definitive biography
By Ray Coleman
McGraw-Hill, 1985 (also later editions)

summer of 1980
By Yoko Ono
Perigee Publishing, 1983

Photographs of Yoko Ono and John Lennon taken during the summer of 1980 by eight photographers: Bob Gruen, Allan Tannenbaum, Paul Goresh, Roger Farrington, David Spindel, Michael Senecal, Jack Mitchell, Lilo Raymond.

the ballad of john and yoko
By Jonathan Cott, Christine Doudna / Rolling Stone
Doubleday, 1982

”The reviewers and editors who wrote about John and Yoko from 1967 until 1980 take a long, loving look back at the couple’s childhoods in Liverpool and Tokyo, their complex personalities, their music and their art. Includes affectionate tributes from contemporary musicians, including Mick Jagger, Harry Nilsson, Joan Baez, Carly Simon, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry.” 317 pages, colour and B&W photos.

the lennon tapes
John Lennon and Yoko Ono in conversation with Andy Peebles, 6 December 1980
British Broadcasting Corporation, 1981

the playboy interviews with john lennon and yoko ono
By David Sheff and G. Barry Golson
Playboy Press, 1980

The original version of the publication above, All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview With John Lennon And Yoko Ono.

lennon remembers
By Jann Wenner
Straight Arrow Books 1971 / Verso Books 2000

Interview by Jann Wenner originally published in Rolling Stone.

we all shine on
The Stories Behind Every John Lennon Song: 1970-1980
By Paul Du Noyer
HarperCollins Publishers, 1997

john lennon: one day at a time
A Personal Biography Of The Seventies
By Anthony Fawcett
Grove Press, 1980

a spaniard in the works
By John Lennon
Simon and Schuster, 1965

Another collection of writings and humorous drawings by John Lennon. London Sunday Times: ”It is fascinating of course to climb inside a Beatle’s head to see what’s going on there, but what counts is that what’s going on there is really fascinating”. Published in several languages and reprinted many times, the latest reprint being from 2000.

in his own write
By John Lennon
Simon and Schuster, 1964

”I was bored on the 9th of Octover 1940 when, I believe, the Nasties were still booming us led by Madolf Heatlump (who only had one). Anyway they didn’t get me. I attended to varicous schools in Liddypol. And still didn’t pass — much to my Aunties supplies. As a member of the most publified Beatles my (P, G, and R’s) records might seem funnier to some of you than this book, but as far as I’m conceived this correction of short writty is the most wonderfoul larf I’ve every ready. God help and breed you all.” ”The writing Beatle!”