bibliography: exhibition catalogues

Yoko Ono: Endangered Species (2319-2322)

the road of hope
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, 2011

Exhibition catalogue for an exhibition by Yoko Ono. Hardcover, 95 pages. In Japanese and English. Many photographs of artworks and essays by Yoko Ono.

yoko ono fly
by Wang Huangsheng, Simba Lee and Biljana Ciric
Timezone 8, China 2008

Publication information: ”Beautifully bound in the traditional Chinese fashion and presented in a perspex dispalay case, this book takes you through the diverse works of Yoko Ono’s fifty year career which were displayed in her first solo Chinese exhibition FLY. The Ke Center has compiled an incisive and thought provoking catalogue of the exhibition. Stunning photographs convey the intimacy that Onos work achieves through audience participation pieces such as Mend Piece and Wish Tree. The fresh white pages and the high quality paper perfectly complements such instructional art as Sun Piece, which urges the viewer to ”Watch the sun until it becomes a square,” Beat Piece;”Listen to a heart beat.” and Fly piece, which proposes simply ”Fly.” With commentary in Chinese and English from the directors of the Ke Center for the Contemporary arts, the Guangdong Museum of Art and the Astrup Fearnley MoMA Oslo. This catalogue is a limited edition.”

yoko ono – touch me
Edizioni Charta, Milano 2008

Texts by Yoko Ono. 72 pages, illustrations in colour. From the book cover: ””Touch me” is a suite of sculptural works that are activated and realized – as their imperative titles suggest – by the tactile participation of the viewer. This book documents the debut of these playful interactive works and also features some of the artist’s iconic historical works.”

yoko ono – between the sky and my head
Edited by Thomas Kellein
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2008

Hardcover, 207 pages. In English. The book accompanies the exhibition by the same title at Kunsthalle Bielefeld and Baltic Centre. A very nice catalogue with the exhibition works by Yoko Ono introduced in photos.

gemälde – yoko ono
Paintings, 1960-1964
Edited by Wulf Herzogenrath and Frank Laukötter
Kunsthalle Bremen, 2007

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Yoko Ono Window for Germany (Fenster für Deutschland), Kunsthalle Bremen, June 13th – August 5th 2007. Contains facsimiles of 30 handwritten instruction paintings by Yoko Ono in German, and a booklet with texts by Jon Hendricks, Wulf Herzogenrath and Frank Laukötter.

odyssey of a cockroach
By Yoko Ono
Deitch Projects, 2005

84 pages. An exhibition catalogue for the exhibition by the same name by Yoko Ono in NYC.

yoko ono – horizontal memories
Essays by Nicolas Bourriaud, Gunnar B. Kvaran, Grete Årbu, Hanne Beate Ueland, Kjell Runar Jenssen
Astrup Fearnley Museet for Moderne Kunst, 2005

174 pages, richly illustrated. Texts in both Norwegian and English. This is one of the most beautiful exhibition publications I have ever read. A very thorough book about all Ono events in Norway during the exhibition by the same name.

yoko ono – herstory
Edited by Manuela Lintl and Anemone Vostell
Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin, 2001

The exhibition catalogue for the exhibition Herstory in Germany in 2001. A small booklet with many colour photos of Yoko Ono’s art, for instance of Vertical Memory, Bastet, several Bronze Age works, Franklin Summer drawings and Freight Train photographed in Berlin in 2000. Also the essays Bastet and Bronze Age by Yoko Ono. In German.

yoko ono ebro
Edited by Pablo J. Rico, Samuel Havadtoy and Jon Hendricks
The Diputación de Zaragoza, 2000

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition Yoko Ono Ebro in Spain in 2000. A great book full of rare, never before seen photos of Yoko’s art and also of Yoko Ono creating new pieces of art. Also features pictures and information about her other Spanish exhibition, Yoko Ono Tajo, from 2000. 304 pages. A rare publication due to the very limited edition.

yoko ono tajo
Edited by Pablo J. Rico, Samuel Havadtoy and Jon Hendricks
Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Extremadura y Consorcio Museo Vostell Malpartida de Cáceres, 2000

The beautiful catalogue for the exhibition Yoko Ono Tajo in Museo Vostell Malpartida de Cáceres in 2000. 301 pages, fully illustrated with rare pictures of Yoko Ono’s art. Also instruction pieces and essays by Yoko Ono, with introductions to the ”river exhibitions” Yoko Ono Tajo and Yoko Ono Ebro by Pablo J. Rico and Jon Hendricks.

yes yoko ono
By Alexandra Munroe and Jon Hendricks
Harry N. Abrams Inc., 2000

If you’re going to buy one Yoko Ono related publication and don’t know which book to choose, choose this one. The YES Yoko Ono press release: ”Here is the first major art publication surveying Yoko Ono’s artistic career, co-published by Japan Society and Harry N. Abrams, Inc. This comprehensive new book accompanies the first major museum retrospective of the work of Yoko Ono, also titled YES Yoko Ono. It will be published in October 2000. A musical CD of new works by the artist will be included, prior to its general release. Japan Society: ”This richly illustrated book includes essays by eminent international scholars and critics that not only explore Ono’s life and career, including her contributions to the Fluxus movement and Conceptual art, but also enrich our understanding of her complex role as artist, filmmaker, poet, composer, performance artist, activist, and rock star. An anthology of Ono’s writings and an illustrated chronology further mark this book as the most extensive survey ever published on the art and life of Yoko Ono.” 360 illustrations, 102 in full color, 9 7/8 x 11 3/4″.” A fully illustrated 350-page exhibition catalogue.

By Gunnar B. Kvaran
Bergen Kunstmuseum, 1999

The catalogue for the exhibition Impressions in Bergen Norway in 1999. Contains instruction paintings, Do-It-Yourself Dance Festival To Be Held In Bergen instructions and Franklin Summer drawings. Also an introduction to Yoko Ono’s art by Gunnar B. Kvaran and a brief biography. This same book was the exhibition catalogue for the exhibition Impressions in Spain in 2001.

open window
Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery
Israel, 1999

The catalogue for the exhibition by Yoko Ono in Israel, titled Open Window. The book is bilingual: in English and Arabic. The book contains several black/white photographs of Ono’s works of art and an essay of Ono’s art by Shlomit Shaked.

wish trees for brasil
By Yoko Ono
Edited by Jon Hendricks and Pablo J. Rico
Secretaria de Cultura e Esporte do Distrito Federal Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia, 1998

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition Wish Trees For Brasil in 1998. A wonderful softcover book, very much like the beautiful Spanish catalogue Yoko Ono En Trance Ex It. 254 pages, many photographs of Yoko Ono’s artworks both in colour and in black/white. A great book for everyone who is interested in her art.

have you seen the horizon lately?
Museum Villa Stuck
Germany, 1998

The German exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s European retrospective exhibition Have You Seen The Horizon Lately? A hardcover book with 35 pages. Black and white photos of Yoko Ono’s artworks. In German.

yoko ono en trance ex it
Generalitat Valenciana, 1997

The catalogue for the exhibition Ex-It En Trance. A large magnificent hardcover book with a lot of information of the exhibition and pictures of the art. Also essays by Jon Hendricks (”More Air”) and by Yoko Ono (”On Numbers”, ”On Rooms And Footsteps”). Many colour photos of the art. Also for instance the instruction drawings (= the plan) by Yoko Ono for the realization of En Trance, her large installation.

yoko ono: conceptual photography
By Yoko Ono and Lars Schwander
Fotografisk Center, 1997

The catalogue for the exhibition Conceptual Photography in 1997. It has 152 pages, and it covers Instructions for Photographs 1961-1971 (exhibition versions 1997); Vertical memory 1997; Instructions for films. 1964-1968; Horizontal Memory 1997; Toilet Thoughts Film Nº 3 1968 (1997 realization); Portrait of Nora; Texts: An Introduction by Lars Schwander, and a lot of texts and film scripts by Yoko Ono.

yoko ono: have you seen the horizon lately?
By Chrissie Iles and Yoko Ono
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 1997

The catalogue for the exhibition Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?. A remarkable essay by Chrissie Iles providing a brilliant context and insight to Yoko Ono’s work as an artist. Many B/W photos of her events and works of art: some of them quite rare ones. 167 pages. An extensive list of related footnotes. The catalogue is a small one physically, but really great.

spots on the wall 1994-95
By Yoko Ono, 1996

This Japanese publication contains 36 reproductions of Yoko Ono’s Franklin Summer drawings in cloth case. A limited edition of 300.

the blue room event 1965-1995
Dedicated to Yoshiaki Tohno
By Yoko Ono, 1996

A Japanese postcard book containing Yoko Ono’s Blue Room instructions. 16 postcards. According to the 360 Shop, this postcard book was a catalogue of same titled exhibition in 1996 at Gallery 360.

the yoko ono film festival: smile event
By Yoko Ono
2 RC Edizioni D’Arte
Studio Stefania Miscetti
Italy, 1996

The catalogue for the film event by Yoko Ono in the Galleria Stefania Miscetti in 1996. Yoko Ono’s film Smile was projected on the wall of a house in Rome during this film event, and 20 films by her were screened. The catalogue included an essay by Achille Bonito Oliva, several film stills from Yoko Ono’s films, Yoko’s film essays, and an analysis of her film by John G. Hanhardt.

Virginia Commonwealth University Anderson Gallery, 1996

The catalogue for the exhibition Fly in 1996 and multiples. A 20 page pamphlet and inserts of the exhibition at the Anderson Gallery in 1996: an essay by Kevin Concannon, nine works in the form of printed cards from the 60’s and the 90’s. The multiples included in the catalogue box: two small stones in white tissue paper titled How To Clean and two small acorns wrapped in white tissue titled Wish Piece.

Randers Kunstmuseum, 1996

The exhibition catalogue for the exhibition Mindscapes in 1996. It is in a newspaper format of Yoko Ono exhibition at the Randers Kunstmuseum in 1996: Nr. 3 Efterar 1996; showing 23 works (7 in colour). The catalogue features mainly information about Yoko Ono’s Family Album series.

By Yoko Ono
Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, 1995

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition Sphere-9 in Spain in 1995. An attractive publication with 108 pages. Features many writings by Yoko Ono (for instance Interception (1993-95). All of the illustrations are pieces from the very beautiful and intriguing Franklin Summer drawing series by Yoko. In Spanish.

yoko ono: lighting piece 1995
Studio Stefania Miscetti
Italy, 1995

The beautiful catalogue for the event by Yoko Ono in the Galleria Stefania Miscetti in 1995: her Lighting Piece (1955) was projected in Florence, Italy, in 1995. The book contains the still pictures of the piece: a match burning until it goes out. It also includes an essay of Lighting Piece by Ida Panicelli. A quite impressive book which actually takes you to the event.

yoko ono: three rooms
By Danilo Eccher
Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea Trento, 1995

The catalogue for exhibition Three Rooms at Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea Trento Italy in 1995. Contains e.g. Yoko Ono’s drawings from the Franklin Summer series and pieces from Family Album. Also includes Franklin Summer related essays by Yoko Ono. Text in Italian and English. 130 pages. Colour & b/w illustrations throughout.

yoko ono: a piece of sky
Studio Stefania Miscetti
Italy, 1993

The catalogue for the exhibition by Yoko Ono in the Galleria Stefania Miscetti in 1993. The book contains many black/white pictures of Yoko Ono’s work of art titled Part Paintings and a brilliant interview with Yoko conducted by Alessandra Mammi.

family album
By Yoko Ono
Galeria 56, Budapest, 1993

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition Family Album at the Stiftung Starke in 1993. A small book, with 36 pages. Features pieces from the Family Album series and her instruction paintings.

paintings and drawings by yoko ono
By Jon Hendricks (editor)
Budapest: Galleria 56, 1993

The catalogue for the exhibition by Yoko Ono in Galleria 56 in 1993.

instructions for paintings by yoko ono
By Jon Hendricks (editor)
Galeria 56, Budapest, 1993

The catalogue for the exhibition by Yoko Ono in Galleria 56 in 1993. In this exhibition instruction paintings were displayed.

yoko ono: color, fly, sky
Edited by Jon Hendricks
Museet for Samtidkunst Denmark, 1992

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition Color, Fly, Sky in Denmark in 1992. Features for instance writings and essays by Yoko Ono.

endangered species 2319-2322
By Yoko Ono
Edited by Jörg Starke
Stiftung Starke, 1992

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition of her installation Endangered Species 2319-2322 at the Stiftung Starke in 1992. 26 pages. Features pictures of the installation pieces and the lyrics for Yoko Ono’s song Hell In Paradise.

homage to nora
By Yoko Ono
Grondahl Dreyer Forlag
Norway, 1992

This book is the catalogue for the audience participation event Homage To Nora by Yoko Ono which was performed outside Oslo in 1991. It includes also an interview with Yoko Ono by Ina Blom, but mostly the book consists of photos of the event. The cover of the book has a picture of Yoko Ono’s artwork Portrait Of Nora. 25 pages.

yoko ono – en trance
By Jon Hendricks and Birgit Hesselund
Randers Kunstmuseum, 1990

An exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s installation piece En Trance in the Randers Kunstmuseum.

yoko ono: to see the skies
By Jon Hendricks and Achille Bonito Oliva
Mazzotta, 1990

The catalogue for the exhibition To See The Skies at Fondazione Mudima Italy in 1990. A great book with a rich illustration, scores, films and works of art by Yoko Ono. Works by Yoko Ono from the early 60s (also a few instruction pieces) and from the early 90s (Bronze Age). Edited by Jon Hendricks; introduction (in Italian and English) by Achille Bonita Oliva. Illustrated with over 100 colour photos, paperback, 107 pages.

yoko ono: fumie
Sogetsu School, Japan, 1990

The catalogue for the exhibition Fumie in 1990. The bilingual book contains several essays by different Japanese artists of Yoko Ono’s art, for instance an essay by Takahiko Iimura about her films and an essay by Kuniharu Akiyama. Also photographs of her works of art and many examples of her calligraphy pieces are included in this lovely book. 54 pages.

yoko ono insound/instructure
Edited by Jon Hendricks and Ina Blom
The Sonia Henie and Niels Onstad Foundation, 1990

The catalogue for the exhibition titled Insound/Instructure. Essays by Yoko Ono, artworks from the 60s and the 70s, many film scripts with the film stills and instruction pieces. An essay by Ina Blom in Finnish and in English. Black and white photographs of Yoko Ono’s films and works. 39 pages, paperback.

in facing
by Jon Hendricks
Riverside Studios / London, 1990

The catalogue for the exhibition In Facing in 1990. A large paperbound guide/program with photos of works, descriptions and poetry. 36 pages. Black & white illustrations throughout text. Essay Now and Then by Sarah Kent & Body Matters by Michael O’Pray. Very interesting information about Yoko Ono’s early 60s art (e.g. events and instruction pieces) plus her Bag Wear drawing.

yoko ono objects, films
By Barbara Haskell and John G. Hanhardt
Whitney Museum Of American Art, 1989

The catalogue for the exhibition Yoko Ono Objects, Films. This leaflet features two very interesting essays, one by Barbara Haskell (”Objects”) and one by John G. Hanhardt (”Films”). A checklist of Yoko Ono’s films. 13 pages and black and white photos of Yoko Ono’s art with several still pictures from her films.

the bronze age
By Jon Hendricks and Yoko Ono
Cranbrook Academy Of Art Museum, 1989

The catalogue for the exhibition The Bronze Age in 1989, with two folding posters and three postcards. Paperback, 51 pages. Introduction by Roy Slade. Including e.g. seven texts first published in Museum Of Modern F art Yoko Ono One Woman Show catalogue in 1971. A very interesting and quite artistic publication design.

yoko ono: the bronze age
Galerie 1900-2000
France, 1989

Texts by Yoko Ono. Anonymous author. A publication by this same title was published in Sweden in 1990 by Lilla Galleriet.

this is not here
By Yoko Ono and John Lennon, 1971

The catalogue for the exhibition This Is Not Here from 1971. It contains a lot of information about Yoko Ono’s 60s art and exhibitions. A very original publication in every way: it has many wonderful newspaper clippings about the events and exhibitions by Yoko Ono from the 60s and an interesting interview from the early 70s. A large publication which has been made to look like a newspaper. This catalogue was also published as a four page version in 1971. Special: in 1971 was also a box titled Everson Catalogue Box: it contains This Is Not Here catalogue (the four page one), Yoko’s Grapefruit, multiple works by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. This box was designed and produced by George Maciunas.

yoko ono at lisson / half-a-wind show
By Yoko Ono
Lisson Gallery, 1967

The exhibition brochure for Yoko Ono’s exhibition at the Lisson Gallery in 1967.

yoko at indica
By Yoko Ono
The Indica Gallery
London 1966

The exhibition catalogue for Yoko Ono’s exhibition at The Indica Gallery in 1966. The cover is from her event during this exhibition, Hide-Mouth.