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  john&yoko bed-in 35 years

"Ah Yes, I Remember"
Olivia Candela

"Peace is"
Ernie Sutton

"At 12 noon in every timezone..."
Charles Carroll

"Peace is a flower"
Anny Whispel

"Coloured Chess Set"
Jorge Artajo

"All we are saying"
Tom Lapins

"If peace were rain..."
Mark Fierro

"Saying "We want peace" isn't good enough"
Dawn Jarboe

"I remember seeing the news..."
Gerry O'Neill

"Things always look worse on a larger scale..."
Joey Chow

"Have a box of business cards..."
Oliver Garus and Bonnie Cruse

"Each individual forgive..."
Jan Swanson

"My vision of peace is..."
Zoe Anspach

"Dear John..."
Terry Ambroselli

"The Game of Peace: any number can play"
Kathryn Ansley

"I would like to see all guns eliminated..."

"I can remember the Montreal bed-in..."
Will Firby

"Listen to the voices of the women..."
Susan M. Girardi

"Truly beautiful peace..."
Sami Mustaklem

"I had to share my daughters ideas..."
Jennifer and Whitney

"Kiss your grandmother for peace"
James Trawicki

"Rose for Peace"
John Starnes




© Gerry Deiter


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