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Little Finger by Yoko Ono
Published in Asahi Graphic magazine in 1974. Translated from Japanese.

I ate you in my dream.
You ate me in my dream.
You became a part of me.
I became a part of you.
It became unknown
if you were me
or if I were you.
"Dear, the little finger is still left. Shall we keep this?"
"In order to remember that there was a thing called you and me."
"I already forgot such a thing. Why is such a thing necessary?"
Finally when we ate the little finger up,
we both laughed but, at the same time, tears started coming down.
"Dear, this means that we will not eat any more."


Images and translations contributed by Mikihiko Hori. Photos of Yoko Ono © Kishin Sinoyama Go back