Yoko Ono

it's alright (i see rainbows)

Yoko Ono about the album in 1997 to Jody Denberg

"I was saying it's all right when it was not all right at all. There was a bomb scare so there was one day I couldn't even go to the studio because they said, Don't go to the studio and you can't stay in the corridor, so you have to be in this hotel. And I wrote It's Alright in this hotel room while we were supposed to be hiding from a bomb or something. And Sean was there, too. And I was writing this song on the piano: "bum, bum, it's alright."

From the CMJ review of this album

"There is no doubt that every song on It's Alright is directly or indirectly inspired by John Lennon, but, unlike Season Of Glass, Ono's last album, which included some moments of despair and bitterness among the more hopeful and assertive ones, It's Alright finds Yoko looking ahead with a strong will to survive and live a full life. When the title track begins with son Sean rousing Yoko from bed and intoning "Mommy, you have to wake up," the double meaning is obvious. "I know," Ono replies, and we know that she does know and that she has awakened, although it was the most difficult thing she's ever had to do."



Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon

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