Yoko Ono

unfinished music no. 1: two virgins


Yoko Ono about the album in 1997 to Jody Denberg

"It's music. It starts with a kind of pianissimo and kind of largo. And then it goes on increasing in speed as well. And then it goes into a crescendo and it goes on and I mean, that's music. You can notate that."


Mark Coleman in Rolling Stone in 1997

"Variously hailed as a catalyst of the punk movement and criticized as a marginal performance artist with questionable musical abilities, Yoko Ono has been nothing if not iconoclastic in her four-decade career. The latest in Rykodisc's catalog reissue series of Ono's work consists of some of her most notorious work, namely four albums she recorded with husband John Lennon in the late '60s and early '70s. The first of the "Unfinished Music" titles is the infamous "Two Virgins" album, which became better known for its cover portrait of Lennon and Ono nude than for its nonmusical content. Similarly, the other titles feature the young couple in audio-verite settings, chanting, speaking, groaning, and otherwise holding court. The inclusion of bonus tracks (B-sides and previously unreleased cuts) gives these albums newfound musicality and will probably make them more palatable to fans."


William Ruhlmann at AMG

"At the time of its release, this duo album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono gained its greatest notice for its cover, a photograph that depicted the two standing before the camera naked. The recording, too, can be described as naked, in that it contains no music that would interfere with one's ability to hear the normal sounds of life. The record is not unlike what you might get if you turned on a tape recorder for a random half-hour in your home — snatches of inaudible conversation far away from the microphone, footsteps, wind, and so on."




Absolut Two Virgins

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