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yoko ono: one woman show, 1960-1971 at moMa
Finally, a Yoko Ono's solo exhibition at MoMA! From the press release: "Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971 examines the beginnings of Ono's career, demonstrating her pioneering role in visual art, performance and music during the 1960s and early 1970s. It begins in New York in December 1960, where Ono initiated a performance series with La Monte Young in her Chambers Street loft. Over the course of the decade, Ono earned international recognition, staging "Cut Piece" in Kyoto and Tokyo in 1964, exhibiting at the Indica Gallery in London in 1966, and launching with John Lennon her global "War Is Over!" campaign in 1969. Ono returned to New York in the early 1970s and organized an unsanctioned "one woman show" at MoMA. Over 40 years after Ono's unofficial MoMA debut, the Museum presents its first exhibition dedicated exclusively to the artist's work."

a very merry christmas and a happy new year... let's hope it's a good one... without any fear (war is over if you want it)

Grow love with me. y.o. 2014

imagine peace tower will be lit again on october 9th
And this year your very own AIU reporter Sari Gurney will be there to enjoy Iceland, do all things ONO and of course photograph the events in Reykjavik.

Yoko Ono also announces this year's recipients of the Lennon Ono Grant For Peace in Iceland. According to NME, "This year's recipients are Jan Wenner, co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine; Jeremy Gilley, founder of the non-profit organisation Peace One Day; Art Production Fund (represented by Doreen Remen and Yvonne Force Villareal) and former Mayor of Reykjavik Jón Gnarr."

"Speaking about the choice of recipients, Ono said: "In the '60s and '70s, Jann made rock'n'roll a household name, singlehandedly promoting it within the press. Jeremy Gilley, with Peace One Day, made it easy for all people to join the Peace movement. "Art Production Fund is an ambitious public arts project created by Doreen Remen and Yvonne Force Villareal, while Jon Gnarr showed the world that governmental politics are for the people and by the people. "I am very happy to honour each of these four recipients this year with the award that, for me, symbolises much of the work that John Lennon and I tried to do together and which I now continue to do."

A full report with photos and video footage coming in January.


Imagine Peace
Photo (c) Sari Gurney / AIU


Yoko Ono in Germany in 2007.
© David Hecke

a conversation with yoko ono in NYC on nov 11
The Paley Center for Media: Conversation moderator: Anthony DeCurtis. "For over fifty years Yoko Ono has been a groundbreaking multimedia artist and social activist, constantly challenging traditional assumptions. She will review many of her most defining works, including her pioneering experimental films and performance art. Yoko will also reflect on her 1969 peace projects with companion John Lennon, notably their Bed-Ins for Peace and the "War is Over! If You Want It" campaign. In addition, she will discuss her latest book, Yoko Ono Infinite Universe at Dawn, which brings together work across all media and six decades."


Bluecoat event in 1967

bluecoat chambers event by yoko ono as reviewed back in 1967
The Guardian: "From the archive, 27 September 1967: Yoko Ono in Liverpool - review The Guardian's reviewer is bemused by Yoko Ono's interactive performance at Bluecoat Chambers."

"What is Yoko Ono? Indeed, is Yoko Ono? Probably no. Last night we found out, the four hundred or so who packed Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool, for a performance of "Music of the Mind," that Yoko Ono is an aura. In so far as it is a person as well, it is feminine, born in the bird year, collected skies in early childhood, sea weeds in adolescence. Later she made a film featuring several hundred bare bottoms, which probably accounted for the presence last night of the Granada television film crew, supplying more noise and action with clapperboard and hand held camera than Miss Ono produced all evening.

Everybody's grandfather has told of the days when they made their own entertainment of an autumn evening. Well, we know all about that daddy-o. This audience was up and down from the stage like a Yoko. Somebody had to supply the action, because Miss Ono is in that line of dynamic showmen like Andy Warhol, who has made a film of the Empire State Building that records the changes of day and night light on the building over 24 hours, and takes 24 hours to watch.

Thus, after an introduction of subhuman noises (Miss Ono offstage) she performed "Peek Piece," which involved crouching behind a white box peering at the audience. Others followed, like Tunafish piece, which was a kind of miracle of loaves and fishes in reverse: a dozen people sitting on the edge of the stage cramming themselves with tinned fish sandwiches.

In London, they look very intently for every last meaning in Miss Ono's performance. Here, they sang "Daisy, Daisy, show us a leg," and "Andy Pandy's Come to Play." They joined in everything. Adrian Henri's pear shaped figure headed the queue to start the do-it-yourself painting. It was nowhere to be seen when Yoko Ono invited the audience onstage to fly from the top of 20 foot stepladders (Fly piece). But there were one or two who did. It was that kind of audience. That kind of evening."

arrow Yoko Ono did another Bluecoat Chambers event in 2008, when people had finally started to get her...


The Lennon Bell
Photo by Kyodo

"japan-donated bell, lennon's 'imagine' mark U.N. peace event"
Japan Times (September 20th 2014): "The ringing of a bell donated by Japan and a performance of John Lennon's anti-war anthem "Imagine" resounded at United Nations headquarters Friday at an event for the upcoming International Day of Peace. "Almost 70 years ago, the world community pledged to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said of the period that saw an end to World War II. "As the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations approaches, we must continue to be led by this will for peace."


Yoko Ono

the newest ONO remix out now: angel (remixes, pt 1)
The remix was released by Mind Train/TWISTED on August 26th, and it includes remixes by Dave Aude and Mike Cruz.

arrow Check out also other ONO remixes

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971

how john lennon, yoko ono affected U.S. immigration fight
AP (September 5th 2014): "The argument over President Barack Obama's legal authority to defer deportations began 42 years ago with a bit of hashish, a dogged lawyer and John Lennon and Yoko Ono. President Richard Nixon was seeking re-election and Lennon was in New York facing deportation from a Nixon administration eager to disrupt the famous ex-Beatle's planned concert tour and voter registration drive. The case hinged on Lennon's 1968 conviction for possession of "cannabis resin" in London. Lennon was eager to at least delay his deportation so Ono could fight for custody of her 9-year-old daughter by a previous husband. Lennon and Ono approached Leon Wildes, a young lawyer who knew his immigration law. In time, the effort to extend Lennon's stay in the United States would become an integral part of the legal foundation the Obama administration relied on in 2012 to set up a program that has deferred the deportation of more than 580,000 immigrants who entered the country illegally as children."

"All I can say is, John Lennon is smiling in his grave," Wildes said in an interview. "He helped accomplish that."

"Fight the good fight", as Patti Smith has said.

Earth Peace by Yoko Ono

ono provides greeting for people arriving at folkestone triennial arts festival
Kent Online (August 30th 2014): "Yoko Ono has provided a first greeting for people arriving for the Folkestone Triennial, which was officially launched at the weekend. Those stepping out of Folkestone Central station are met with a poster with giant lettering saying "Earth Peace." The stark artwork is in the same style of the campaign posters the Japanese artist and her late husband, Beatle John Lennon, put up in 1969 with the words: "War is Over! (If you want it)."

"At the time the couple were campaigning against the Vietnam War but Triennial curator Lewis Biggs said: "She has actually been campaigning for peace since 1945 with the firebombing of Tokyo (during the Second World War) and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She continued when she met John Lennon." The Earth Peace message is also in the form of a flag on top of The Grand on The Leas. The poster was the first item shown during the Thursday's press preview of the third Folkestone Triennial, which starts in full today and continues until November 2. Mr Biggs also revealed that New York-based Ono, 81, intents to be at the Triennial on late September or early October and visit the town's newly-launched First World War memorial arch. He said: "She would like to visit the new memorial arch to pay her respects."

Also Skyladder by Yoko Ono will be displayed during the festival

"Ono also has a new "instruction" which is now displayed in the Quarterhouse. It is high on the wall of the bar, titled 'Skyladder' and says: "Audience should bring a ladder they like. Colour it. Word it. Take pictures of it. Keep adding things to it. And send it as a postcard to a friend."

Yoko Ono has co-created the Skyladder piece with the installation participators before so this is not the first time.

sonic youth, ariel pink, yoko ono and others make music for plants
Pitchfork (August 22nd 2014): "Back in 2002, artist Peter Coffin began his Music for Plants series of installations. It was inspired in-part by The Secret Life of Plants, a 1973 book that combined science with New Age techniques to argue that plants could "hear" sound—and that, theoretically, one could make music for them just as music is made for human beings. Over the next twelve years, Coffin compiled two volumes of "plant" music for plants, enlisting artists like Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective's Deakin and Geologist, Jim O'Rourke, Yoko Ono, Alice Coltrane, Black Dice, Nico Muhly, Boredoms' EYE, and Laurie Anderson to try their hand at composition. Peter Coffin teamed up with the Kitchen, an experimental performance space in NYC, to produce the second volume."

Forest by Sari Gurney
The image (c) Sari Gurney / AIU

arrow Learn more about Music for Plants on www.dazeddigital.com


Farrier with his photographs of John Lennon
Photo by Canterbury Times of John Farrier and Rachael Barrow

unseen photos of john lennon to be presented to yoko ono
Canterbury Times (August 11th 2014): "A photographer from Faversham is ready to present his photos of John Lennon to Yoko Ono. John Stewart Farrier has now teamed up with Faversham's Maihen Picture Framing Company, in West Street, to finalise the piece. The photos of John Lennon were taken almost 50 years ago by Mr Farrier and were previously unseen until a few years ago. There are twelve pictures of the former Beatle, the negatives of which were left undiscovered in a loft for around 45 years."

"Mr Farrier discovered them towards the end of 2011 and they went on display for the first time earlier this year at The Proud Gallery in Chelsea, London. He now intends to present the photographs to Lennon's wife Yoko Ono at The Folkestone Triennial, where she will be featuring as an artist."


Yoko Ono Imagine Peace

yoko ono to present TJ martell foundation spirit of excellence award
Look To The Stars (August 25th 2014): "The TJ Martell Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS Research has announced legendary music icon Yoko Ono Lennon as the presenter for the Spirit of Excellence Award which will be awarded to Hamish Dodds, CEO of Hard Rock International on behalf of Hard Rockers worldwide at the 39th T.J. Martell Foundation New York Honors Gala to be held at Cipriani in New York on Tuesday, October 21, 2014."

"Yoko Ono Lennon has collaborated with Hard Rock and is the charity partner of WhyHunger for the "IMAGINE THERE'S NO HUNGER" campaign, now in its seventh year. "IMAGINE" funding has supported 33 local partners in 20 countries to provide 9.7 million nutritious meals to children since 2008, and continues to raise funds globally to fight childhood hunger and poverty through the support of sustainable agriculture education and nutritional feeding programs."



bow down to the queen of noise... ono soul by thurston moore



Imagine Bilbao

Fly Bilbao
Images © Jorge Artajo

More information and images about the exhibition by Yoko Ono in Bilbao, Spain, coming later on.






arrow Yoko Ono. Half-A-Wind Show. Retrospective in Bilbao, Spain

Happy birthday Yoko Ono 81

Chimera Music

new chimera music releases by cibo matto and the ghost of a saber tooth tiger
From the press release: " Self-produced over a two-year period by Miho Hatori and Yuka C. Honda, Hotel Valentine is their most impressive release to date as it finds them constructing a rich concept album, a love story amid the ghosts traversing the hallways of a hotel. Underneath the lush sonic palate, they have created the soundtrack to an invisible film as they've continued to refine their sound and remain fully committed to an ethic of fun. Unlike most pretenders, Cibo Matto's music is an entirely self-contained world, a look into the fantasy lives of Hatori and Honda.

Both women were raised in Japan, but met in New York's vivid 90s Lower East Side art scene that included John Zorn, Sean Lennon, the Beastie Boys, and Marc Ribot, a brief period of colorful experimentation at the outset of the Giuliani administration. Soon after they met, the pair formed a punk band called Leitoh Lychee (frozen lychee nut), which eventually morphed into the post-genre freakout that Cibo Matto would become. Within six months, David Byrne came to see them at a show and Warner Brothers picked them up off the strength of one self-released cassette tape. This initiated one of the most colorful careers of the 90s. Cibo Matto exploded internationally, touring worldwide and releasing two classic records, 1996's Viva! La Woman and 1999's Stereo Type A. Their live shows and albums were marked by wild experimentation, incorporating hip-hop, Brazilian music, African and Latin jazz, and pop into their unclassifiable mix. They collaborated extensively with Yoko Ono, as well as the renowned French director Michel Gondry, who lent his visionary style to cement them in the budding consciousness of the MTV generation with his legendary video for "Sugar Water."

On February 14, 2011 a Cibo Matto light bulb flickered and they struck upon the idea of an invisible film, a score without motion, an album called Hotel Valentine. Hotel Valentine is a metaphor, a question, an answer, an idea, a feeling; A strange and vivid scene. "Hotel Valentine is the cinematic bricolage of Yuka and me," Says Hatori. "Our medium is music. For me, making an album is like raising a child. We don't know what kind of person (story) they will end up to be."

arrow Cibo Matto Announce Hotel Valentine, First Album in 15 Years


The GOASTT / The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger - "Midnight Sun"
From the press release: "The brand new album Midnight Sun from THE GOASTT (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger = Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl) which will be released by Chimera Music on April 28. Since their first (acoustic) album, The GOASTT have transformed into a 5-piece electric band and recently toured with Flaming Lips and Tame Impala.

mxdwn.com: "The musical baby of Sean Lennon and girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl is due for April; In all it's psychodeliesness "Midnight Sun" is announced to be an evocative travel to a kaleidoscopic music land."

arrow The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger announce new album April 2014 release


Many have been asking about the schedule of the upcoming reissues of Yoko Ono's albums. The Chimera Music folks inform us kindly that "not yet".

arrow Chimera Music


yoko ono on NDR kulturjournal 12 august 2013 about her art

yoko ono half-a-wind show in guggenheim bilbao
Press release: "With nearly 200 pieces including installations, objects, films, drawings, photographs, text and audio pieces, and documented performances, this exhibit offers a complete vision of the multiple productions of this pioneer of conceptual and performance art.(--) The exhibition covers Ono's entire career up to the present, from her most significant works from the 1960's to recent installations and pieces created especially for this retrospective, with a special section dedicated to her music and film production."




yoko ono in australia: war is over! (if you want it)
From the press release: "Delight in sculpture, immersive installations, written texts, films, sound compositions and participatory art works which will involve you in a range of hands-on activities – from mending and arranging broken crockery, to stamping world maps with peace stamps, to writing personal messages of love to your mother."

There is a very wide selection of exhibition related events in Sydney: two nights of screenings, performances and live music; film screenings; festival events; and a special exhibition tour targeted to people bringing their small children with them. There was also a special event by Yoko Ono at Sydney Opera House in November: "The 80-year-old widow of John Lennon will discuss her life, art and political activism as part of an event titled In Conversation with Yoko Ono: War Is Over (If You Want It). "


Yoko Ono at MCA
Image by MCA

Exhibition reviewed by smh.com.au:
"She may owe a good deal of her fame and/or notoriety to her marriage to John Lennon, but Ono was a recognised artist before she met him, and has experienced a surge of institutional recognition over the past decade."

"Although one shouldn't underestimate the effort that any exhibition requires, the great asset of Ono's work is that it is largely conceptual - consisting of ideas and instructions that may be reinterpreted like musical scores. This means key installations can be reconstructed for different venues, with no sense that the ineluctable ''aura'' of a work has been lost. An installation called Play it by Trust, which consists of a chess board with only white pieces, was first presented in 1966. It has been recreated numerous times, but in Sydney it has a new design based on the Opera House. The idea is that the players gradually lose track of who owns which piece, allowing a ceasefire to be declared. One wonders if two chess grandmasters would still be able to play the game to the end. Other large, interactive installations such as Wish Tree, My Mommy Is Beautiful and Imagine Peace Map, invite audience members to help ''complete'' the work. In the first, one may write a wish on a slip of paper and attach it to the limbs of a small gum tree. The second asks viewers to write something about their mother or leave a memento. The final gives us the chance to stamp the word "peace" on our chosen part of the world map.

These pieces have been created many times over and have a feeling of familiarity. Ono attempts to touch the viewer's heart, making us reflect on our own families or the state of the world. It's part of the old mantra that responsibility for change begins with the individual consciousness."

arrow Yoko Ono talks of love, loss and life at 80 ahead of art exhibition War Is Over!
arrow Power of thought drives the avant-garde artist
arrow Yoko Ono frets for downtrodden men


Yoko Ono's 'Whisper' performed at Sydney Opera House

MCA australia exhibition trailer

yoko ono's calligraphy piece at MCA australia

MCA Australia SYDNEY: November 15th 2013-February 23rd 2014


PLEASE NOTE: More recent Yoko Ono news will be added to this page as soon as I have recovered more from my illness. I will add content material bit by bit and also apply the new website design to the rest of the pages."One day at a time", just like John sang.

one day (at a time) by john lennon (1973)


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